The Finale: One World... One Ruler... One Reign...

God's work in Pastor Rod Parsley's own life can now be multiplied into your life and the ones you love!
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The Finale - One World... One Ruler... One Reign...
In Pastor Rod Parsley's book, The Finale - One World... One Ruler... One Reign..., he examines the symbolism of an ancient Jewish wedding the book of Revelation uses to illuminate the return of the Lord and the marriage supper of the Lamb.
  • As you study this amazing book, you will be able to ...
  • Untangle the timeline of the book of Revelation.
  • Discover where we are on this timeline!
  • See what “the end times” mean for this world.
  • Prepare yourself and your family for the Lord’s return.
This is an absolute read for all who seek to understand the times we live in right now! Order this personally signed book by Pastor Parsley for you and another one for your neighbors, loved ones, co-workers and friends. This would be an excellent book to study in your Bible study group. Don't wait. Order now!
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