The Cross Trilogy

In this definitive trilogy on the Cross, the Resurrection, and the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ from Dr. Rod Parsley, you will learn timeless truths that effect positive change in the lives and hearts of every generation.
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The Definitive Trilogy on the Cross, the Resurrection, and the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ from Dr. Rod Parsley

In this anointed trilogy, Pastor Parsley reveals certain principles that simply cannot be overlooked with a powerful biblical message of for every generation!

The Cross: One Man ... One Tree ... One Friday ... (Softback Edition)

Rediscovering the Beautiful, Scandalous Cross of Jesus Christ

The cross is the hinge-point of human history. It is the fulcrum of God’s grand, brilliant, lever--four thousand years in the crafting--that in a single day pried a fallen world from Satan’s grasp. The centrality of the cross is the hallmark of an authentic, life-giving gospel. But today we stand at an intersection, a literal crossroads of history, in which for many, even those with a genuine love for God and His Word, the cross has lost its importance.

In The Cross Rod Parsley takes you deep into the mysterious territories of what the Bible calls “the foolishness of the cross” and the “scandal” of Jesus’s sacrifice to explore the significance of the cross in the unfailing light of Scripture.

It is at the foot of the cross, and there alone, that we can look with wonder upon the raw ferocity of God’s love for us. To accept it and glory in it, this is the only truly rational response. Come along as we rediscover the power, majesty, and beauty of the cross and learn anew how to claim that power for your life.

Gone: One Man ... One Tomb ... One Sunday ... (Hardback Edition)

Unlocking the mystery of THE RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ.

Watch the 'GONE' book teaser videoThe most significant event in history – the day Jesus vanquished death on Calvary’s cruel and biting Cross – is the crowning achievement of God’s brilliantly executed plan of redemption. And as Rod Parsley suggests in this sequel to his groundbreaking look at the final days of Christ in The Cross: One Man...One Tree...One Friday..., His resurrection is the apex of our faith and hope in Christ.

Rod Parsley will take you on a profound journey to understand the great gulf between our surface-level understanding of the first Good Friday and Easter by exploring the cultural, historical and biblical context of Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection.

You’ll discover:

  • Why God’s divine justice demanded not only the death of Jesus, God’s unblemished innocent Lamb, but also the conquest of the grave.
  • Where Jesus’s spirit resided in the interim between His death and resurrection.
  • The unseen drama that unfolded between the moments when Jesus of Nazareth expelled His final labored breath on that infamous Friday and His extraordinary Resurrection on that glorious Sunday morning.
  • And much more.

Once the eyes of your understanding are opened to what truly happened that weekend and what one man, in one tomb, on one Sunday accomplished for you – your Christian walk will be irreversibly and eternally transformed.

The Finale: One World ... One Ruler ... One Reign ... (Hardback Edition)

Critics doubt it. Skeptics deny it. Naysayers dismiss it.

The first two acts of the greatest drama mankind has ever witnessed were astonishing in their accuracy and impact. The carpenter’s Son Jesus of Nazareth not only foretold His crucifixion but also staggered His critics by affirming that He would rise from the dead on the third day. He was correct about the first two predictions. But the curtain on the final act has yet to be raised.

The climax of human history will take center stage before a world that despised Him and rejected Him. Soon earth’s teeming billions will bow, either willingly or grudgingly, to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord.

Best-selling author Dr. Rod Parsley compels you with the urgency of our time in convincing clarity that humanity’s eternal destination is a matter of today’s decisions. Refuse to be taken captive by the fear and uncertainty of our times. The Finale is your guide to the absolute victory and ultimate liberty God has always intended for you.

“This is a road map for living victoriously
and fruitfully in the volatile days leading
up to our glorious departure.”

– Dr. Rod Parsley


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