Revival If... (Audio Book Download)

Revival If... - Igniting Your Passion for Personal Renewal and National Revival (Audio Book)
Manufacturer: Rod Parsley

Revival If... - Igniting Your Passion for Personal Renewal and National Revival - brand new from Dr. Rod Parsley. This audio book is available exclusively through our ministry. 272 pages. On Audio.


Is it possible that God is preparing to pour out His Spirit one last time before the return of Christ?

In Revival If..., best-selling author Rod Parsley gives you a road map for cultivating renewal in your heart and mind and for participating in revival on a national scale.  Drawing from over forty years' experience with revival personally and in ministry, Parsley:

  • Clarifies what revival is and is not
  • Explains the difference between revival and awakening
  • Includes historical accounts and current perspectives on various revivals
  • Explores the four simple but essential requirements that when fulfilled, will release the life-giving rain of revival upon a nation

While the methods of revival may change, the message remains the same.  Discover timeless, biblical truths that will empower you to seize the moment and experience true, lasting revival and personal renewal. 

Revival If... will ignite your passion for personal renewal and national revival.

It is more than a guide to understanding how our Savior wants to revive His Church. It is a 272-page treasure on Audio to help you and your family come to know Christ as Savior and fan the flames of revival in your community.

This book will give you snapshots of historical revivals. May you receive and accept His divine call and become that revenant remnant of revivalists who will steward and release to a weary, waiting world another Great Awakening for the kingdom of our God and of His Christ. 

This audio book is available exclusively through our ministry. 

Released: Tuesday, February 15, 2023

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ROD PARSLEY is the author of more than seventy books, including his New York Times best-seller, Culturally Incorrect, and his most recent, The Finale: One World, One Ruler, One Reign. He is an international speaker, a frequent guest on numerous media outlets, and the host of the daily television broadcast Breakthrough with Rod Parsley, viewed by millions worldwide.

He is the founder and senior pastor of World Harvest Church, a thriving multicampus church headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. He has founded and oversees various ministries, including Valor Christian College, Bridge of Hope missions, and City Harvest Network. The roles closest to his heart are those of husband to Joni and father to their adult children, Ashton and Austin.

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Revival If... - Igniting Your Passion for Personal Renewal and National Revival - brand new from Dr. Rod Parsley. 272 pages. Soft-back. Could it be that God is giving us one last opportunity to allow His Spirit to be poured out upon the earth before the return of Jesus? This book will stir you to fan the flames of revival in your own heart so you can partner with the Holy Spirit and fellow believers to see a sweeping move of God transform America and the world.

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