Living On Our Heads (Book)

Righting an Upside-Down Culture
Manufacturer: Rod Parsley
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Righting an Upside-Down Culture.
Cultural disorientation has become pandemic. Children act like adults and adults act like children. Mother Earth is worshiped but motherhood is despised. Free speech may get you free room and board in jail. Life is denied and death is affirmed. Dictators are treasured but duly elected leaders are treated with contempt. Honest men are smeared while thugs are celebrated.

We’ve been upside down for so long that wrong has become right and right is considered foolish. At one time, right and wrong were well-defined in our culture, but due to the never-ending attack on Christianity and Judeo Christian values, our nation is facing moral decline as a civilization.

In Pastor Rod Parsley’s book, Living On Our Heads, you’ll find out what needs to be done to get back to the biblical foundations on which this nation was built. With humorous analogies, inspirational quotes and uncompromising truth, Pastor Parsley addresses the issues of today, leaving you with the insight needed to right the wrongs in our culture and reawaken a godly perspective.
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