Culturally Incorrect (5 DVDs)

Listen to this DVD series adapted from the book that hit The New York Times' Bestseller list and has also been recognized on the best-seller lists of, USA Today, Publishers Weekly and The Wall Street Journal!
Manufacturer: Rod Parsley
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by Pastor Rod Parsley
Find out why many are calling Rod Parsley a Voice of Truth, a Voice of Reason...and a Voice for Today! 
Listen to these five DVD titles:
  • The Real Thing - Learn the concept of a worldview - and find out the one God has called us to have.
  • The Fathers of Falsehood - Takes a look at the many deceitful and destructive worldviews that threaten the fabric of our nation.
  • A Seed: A Generation - Presents the keys that will rescue our young people and secure their future.
  • The Battlegrounds - Identifies the fields of conflict where the battle is being waged for the heart and soul of our nation.
  • Special Bonus DVD - Pastor Parsley's timely conversation with actor, author and Christian Stephen Baldwin - who shares from his unique perspective on how the media - and Hollywood in particular - are impacting out nation.
 We can run. we can hide...or we can engage. Watch and Listen to this DVD Series and find out what you can do to engage the culture you live in! Order this one- of-a-kind set today!
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