Be Made Whole Vol. 1 (Book) & The Miracles of Jesus (Book)

TWO books: Be Made Whole: A Guide to Divine Health: Spirit, Soul & Body and The Miracles of Jesus!
Manufacturer: Rod Parsley
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A Guide to Divine Health: Spirit, Soul & Body
After being diagnosed with cancer in 2015, Pastor Rod Parsley needed a touch from the Lord -- and stood on His Word.  Twice a day, for two hours each time, Pastor Parsley would pray and seek God for His miracle and for YOU, confessing the scriptures and seeking the Lord's healing touch for His people.  And now, he's 100% CANCER FREE!  The scriptures and confessions He made every day have been recorded at the leading of the Holy Spirit in this volume: Be Made Whole: A Guide to Divine Health: Spirit, Soul & Body.
"I personally use this book in my times of prayer and praise, as I believe God to move miraculously in my own areas of need. The Lord has specifically prompted me to share this book with you now, for the very first time." - Pastor RodParsley
In this custom-leatherbound book, you will find:
  • Pastor Parsley's own personal collection of Scriptures
  • His private confessions to the Lord
  • His most intimate prayers
  • Personal handwritten notes
  • Surprising faith-builders!
  • And more!
God's work in Pastor Rod Parsley's own life can now be multiplied into your life and the ones you love!  Order a copy for yourself and for everyone you know who needs a touch from the Lord!
The Miracles of Jesus
Be Made Whole
From Jesus' miraculous birth to His miraculous death, His life and ministry were marked by miracles to evidence the wonder of our God.  God can and does intervene in the affairs of men.  Miracles attest to His handiwork and to His attention to the smallest details of your everyday life.
Signs, wonders, and miracles are the "Amen" of God!  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  If God ever manifested a miracle for anyone, He is willing and able to do it for you.  Dr. Rod Parsley chronicles some of the more than 50 recorded miracles of Jesus Christ to build your faith not only to believe - but to expect His miracle-working power to be in operation in your life.
"Your very life is a miracle in the making."
- Pastor Rod Parsley
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